Welcome to our relaunch!

Welcome to the RE-LAUNCH of our USS Mazama AE-9 website dedicated to the crews of Mazy from 1944 until she was decommissioned following service in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1969. Our original website which launched in 2005, went down at the end of 2012 when the original webmaster passed away, and with him the original data files and registry. It has taken 13 months to get back control and recreate the site from old data files.

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Thanks to Jon Schroeder of Redfish Bluefish Media for his dedication and creativity of putting all the pieces back together with a new face.  We are still missing some original material, like links to the final WesPac Cruise in 1969, and decommissioning information, and some of the reunions & photos in the last few years.  The most heartbreaking loss is the nine pages of heartfelt comments in the old Guestbook from many of the original crews and their families and friends. Some of these men have since passed on. I know it will be difficult to reconstruct these written memories, but please go to the Guestbook link and add your comments about your time on Mazy, or any comments you may want preserved for your former crew-mates, families and future generations.  Over the next few months I hope to get the site back to being a depository for everything USS Mazama. I will also need to update the Memorial and Crew List pages, so please contact me by clicking right here, and I will try to update these as soon as possible.

Thanks to Billy Gohde and all of you who have contacted me to ask about the site, and for your continued support.

~ Doc – HM2 1965-1968


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